I want to be a journalist

Is it that difficult to write about immigration in America? I’m not an expert but if I have a passion and drive to do something, is it not my perseverance and will power that can allow me to accomplish my desire?

I am a 21-year-old college student who spends her free time reading political articles on immigration policy. I feel a bit buried in all I need to learn as I discover how little I really know. The National Immigration Forum and Federation of American Immigration Reform are organizations I never knew existed until now. Am I capable of being a journalist in this field, covering stories of struggling immigrants and unaccepted refugees?

I remain unsure.

However, I am moved by the many friends and family members I have that are immigrants and refugees: My own grandparents who fled the threats of an angry dictator in former Zaire, present day Congo, to a brighter life in Manhattan. And my great great grandparents who came from Europe and started a bakery in New York. Their stories make me want to write about this process of immigration, to uproot what happens in immigration offices, to make a positive difference in a country that was founded on freedom, prosperity, and justice for all.

I know I can do it. I feel that the issues of immigration in America are stories I was meant to write, in order to shed light on a complicated issue. To bring truth to a confusing dilemma. To make a difference that will positively impact society.


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