Julie takes to YouTube

It’s 3:00 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon in July and I’m filming a YouTube video for my new series on Being Biracial. I’ve never been a YouTuber, but for some reason I felt inspired  to make films interviewing people about their experience being biracial.

On this Sunday afternoon in July I’m filming from inside my dad’s closet because I need a quiet place to do the interview. My sister’s on the other end of  the Zoom call as I conduct the interview asking her about life as a mixed race girl in a mostly black middle school. To my surprise she is far more eloquent at 13 than I am at 26.

Thus far I’ve completed five interviews with various people. I plan to launch the series sometime in August. My subjects are: 

  1. A middle school girl who has been in the minority and the majority in the two schools she’s attended.
  2. A mom of three who comes from a mixed race family and is now raising biracial kids
  3. A biracial State legislator who is black and Mexican
  4. A college resident life coordinator who is black and Korean
  5. A biracial actor, personal trainer, and nutritionist
  6. A biracial father raising two biracial kids

I’m excited about the project and more excited to share. The goal is to create a space for healthy conversation on being multiracial in a society where your skin color often dictates how you are perceived by others. My hope is that this project can be a resource  for other biracial individuals who may be struggling with their racial identity and wondering if there are others like them.

More to come.