I’m sitting on a bus headed home from work. It’s so crowded I have to suppress a smile as the bus pulls up to each stop and no one gets off but more people try to cram their way on. There’s a woman smashed between two people. She’s holding her phone to one ear as she grips one of the straps hanging from the roof. Meanwhile, across from me an old black woman is taking a nap, her hands folded in her lap as her head sways back and forth. Read More

Sick Leave



I woke yesterday morning with all the determination I could muster to make it through the day. After a hot shower and a cup of tea, I left for work, still battling a stubborn five day cold. The cold was one of those subtle but painful viruses that has you coughing through the night and sneezing through the day, all the while pounding your head with a constant headache. For some reason taking a sick day is one of the hardest things for me. Despite my 100 plus hours of accumulated sick time to use, I can’t bear the thought of getting behind on work. So I went in to the office, runny nose and all. Read More

Let me Grieve



I’ve been thinking a lot about my friend who passed away. Tonight I tell myself he and I were good friends and two years later I’m still crying because regardless of how strong I want to be, it’s always hard to lose a good friend. Read More

Europe and back again



Today was my first day back to work since my trip to Europe, so I drew up some talking points to make it through the day.

  1. How was Germany? Germany was so great.
  2. Are you glad you went? So glad, it was totally worth it.
  3. What all did you do? . . . .

Read More

Here’s me loving Germany


* * *

I’m finally ready to write about life here in Augsburg. It only took me two weeks in this beautiful country before I had the energy, inspiration, and will power to tell of my adventures. Life as a grad student abroad is more intense than I expected. Hence the delay in writing. Read More

Visiting the Homeless


We trotted through the woods like a gypsy caravan, each holding blankets, bags of food or toiletries. I’m sure we were an odd looking group, a collection of young adults stumbling over rocks and twigs following our guide from one homeless camp to the next. We were on a mission, I guess you could say, to serve the underprivileged in downtown Indianapolis.

I know homeless people can seem patronizing at times, but this evening as I looked into their eyes that yearned for friendship and comfort, I was reminded that they are human just like me.  Read More


I gave up coffee for lent this year and I’m probably being more dramatic than I should. But can I just say if withdrawal feels like you want to cry every time you get a whiff of espresso then I stand condemned. Read More